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June 2011

 We're Back!

June, 2011

Rhinestone Banding

Craft Sale: 20% off Rhinestone Banding

Beautiful when used on traditional outfits or more contemporary dress, a single strand of Crystal Iris Rhinestone Banding adds a delicate sparkle to the edges of an outfit; when massed, it transforms into Vegas style glitter.

* Sale good June 1 - June 30, 2011.

Updates & Improvements

Yes, we are still here and all is well! We apologize for our recent lapse in new inventory updates and posts. It seems things were going so well, our site just couldn't quite keep up...so a few weeks ago, we had to stop what we were doing, give our site some much needed attention, and make a few improvements.

Things to note

Sales & order history:
Due to the sensitive nature of customer information, we chose not to keep our sales and order history prior to this improvement process. If you have any questions or would like information about a previous purchase, please contact us.

Gift Cards:
We are temporarily unable to offer or redeem gift cards through site, but if have one and want to use it now instead of later, please give us a call and we'll be happy to redeem it by phone.

While the sites were being updated...

Our Prairie Edge and Sioux Trading Post teams have been out and about scouting the area for new artists, products, and adventure...and also visiting with old friends and collecting some amazing work!

Visit to Crow Country
Dan & Michael recently took a trip to Crow Country. While there, they accomplished their goal of reconnecting with friends and seeing great art, but they, as always, came back with some great stories, as well as new friends!

Attended the Red Cloud Indian Art Show
Traditional art forms are experiencing a rebirth - they are alive, they are thriving, and the annual juried art show at the Red Cloud Indian School is a testament to this rejuvenation.

Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show
From quality commercial leather to tools and hardware, our trip to the leather show in Sheridan WY was a success and an exciting blast of Western America!

Welcomed new artwork
We are pleased to present some of the new work recently added to our Native Gallery...

buffalo horn cover spoon by James Little WoundedSomething Unique
Every now and then we get a piece that speaks volumes about the old ways of the Lakota...and artist James Little Wounded never ceases to amaze! Of all the incredible pieces he's presented to us over the last few months, we have to say his spoon made of buffalo horn cover is one of the most impressive.

We liked it so much, we created a video about it!

cradleboard with many buffalo designCradleboards
Native children were adored. From their first baby cradle to the clothes they wore when they began to walk, and the toys and dolls they played with, these exquisite items expressed the family's deep love for the child...but of all these beautifully made childhood treasures, the cradleboard was by far the most extraordinary.

Due to their esteemed reputation as a signature Native American art form, we're excited to introduce our new collection of beaded cradleboards from artist Kevin Fast Horse as he proudly upholds this time honored cradleboard making tradition.

beaded lanceWeapons
Spring was often a time for making weapons in Lakota camps in preparation for the hunting season, as well as impending battles. From our increased collection of skull crackers and war clubs, as well as lances and knives, it seems our artists are echoing their forefather's focus on making these exquisite, lethal tools during this time of year.

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