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Love Traditions

February 2012

Sale on Wool Trade Cloth

Craft Sale: 20% off Wool Trade Cloth

In honor of the busy craft making season, wool trade cloth is 20% off throughout the month of February! Choose from an array of colors with a selvage edge, or our selection of old style solids.

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Expressions of Love
For many people all over the world, the month of February brings with it thoughts of love and romance with Valentine's Day. This special day devoted to love may not have been highlighted on the calendar long ago, but love has always held a special place in the Native American culture.

This month, we celebrate love and intimacy through symbolism, sound, aroma, and poetic expression.

Elk Medicine elk robe by Kevin Fast Horse

"Elk Medicine" Elk Robe
This beautifully beaded elk robe by artist Kevin Fast Horse perfectly symbolizes love and power.

"We look upon the Elk with respect and for very strong medicine. This animal's medicine is believed to have power over the mind and heart, and is used when one needs to be strong and at one with his mate".

Cheyenne Elk Tooth Dress by Chippewa artist Mike McLeod

Elk Tooth Dresses

Men often showed their hunting prowess by gifting the Elk's ivory eyeteeth to their wives to decorate their buckskin dresses.

These treasured adornments also symbolized everlasting devotion and permanence, as they will not decay or deteriorate with time.

Native Flute Music by Bryan Akipa, Songs from the Black Hills

Flute Music
The delicate melodies of the flute were once believed to possess a potent love medicine so powerful they could bring the souls of young lovers together.

Long ago, lovemaking (as in courting) rituals within a tribal camp were very formal, and young lovers were rarely allowed to be alone. To profess their love to the girls they wooed, young men would stand on the outskirts of the camp and dedicate these sweet, secret songs to the girls they loved.

sweet leaf

Sweet Leaf
Often used as scented sachets, the strong, musky aroma of Wah'pe was'temna (also known as Sweet Leaf or Wild Bergamot) is regarded as an aphrodisiac by many Plains Indians - it is believed to have seductive powers in attracting the opposite sex.


Native American Poetry

Native American Poetry
From childhood stories, personal histories, and family life, to intimate descriptions of fleeting, fragile moments, the thoughts and feelings these Native American writers share in their poems resonate with raw honesty and make powerful, immediate connections.

"Native American poetry is the poetry of historic witness. It grows out of a past which is very much the present...The Native American poet is his or her history" - Brian Swann, Harper's Anthology of 20th Century Native American Poetry


Life's Journey: Zuya, Oral Teachings from Rosebud

Coming Soon!
We're excited to announce the highly anticipated book by Albert White Hat Sr - Life's Journey: Zuya, Oral Teachings from Rosebud will be available (in our bookstore and online) in March.


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