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Moon of Frost in the Lodge

January 2012

Sale on Jingle Cones

Craft Sale: 20% off Jingle Cones

We are celebrating January with a sale on our Jingle Cones, the one special craft supply that defines the unmistakable Jingle Dress. Through the month of January, Jingle Cones are 20% off!

Our jingles are pre-rolled, available in silver or gold, and come in both adult and child sizes.

* Sale ends January 31, 2012.

Tioheyunka Wi
According to the Lakota calendar, the month of January is called Tioheyunka Wi (also known as the Moon of Frost in the Lodge) and is marked by the beginning of the Winter Solstice.

On the Northern Plains, this is a time for social gatherings with close friends and family and is often celebrated with a warm, intimate mix of storytelling, reflection, craft making, and feel good music.

Lakota artist James Little Wounded

Featuring artist James Little Wounded
A few weeks ago, we invited artist James Little Wounded over for some coffee and a chat...and for the month of January we'd like to share our visit with this amazing man!

He entertained us with delightful stories from his childhood, told us where he learned his craft, explained why respecting the spirit of the work is important, and also had some important words of advice for young artists.

[book] Native American Trickster Tales

When surrounded by friends and family, what better way to spend time together than to share a story or two?

Historically, storytelling was (and for some, it still is) an important part of many winter time gatherings. Native Elders would tell stories about the history of the tribe, teach the next generations about life's lessons, and give those gathered around them a strong sense of pride in their culture.

Native American Drums

Native Drums
Taken from a wonderful essay we found this in the archives, we believe this story needs to be shared. It was written by our Native Gallery Director, Lynn Thomas and relates the beautiful sound of the Native drum to a heartbeat.

"We understand the message of the drum because we heard it even before we were born. As we came to life in our mother's womb, we heard a soft repeating sound that lulled us to sleep or alerted us to danger. Her heartbeat became our guide and the forever binding connection between mother and child was established. To this day, it is that first memory of our mother's heartbeat that draws us to the drum".

Round Dance Music
Promising fun, friendship, humor, and good feeling, Round Dance music is especially in demand during this time of the year as its energized sound draws couples to the dance floor with spontaneous, infectious rhythms.

Don't forget your Craft Supplies
This time of the year is also the height of the intense craft making season. From gifts for spring Give Aways to making or enhancing Pow Wow regalia, the elaborate beadwork and striking quillwork designs, as well as the special accents and unique materials featured on their work echo each craftsperson's love of the craft, their family, and their culture.

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