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Nation to Nation: Treaties Between the United States & American Indian Nations

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Nation to Nation: Treaties Between the United States & American Indian Nations

Nation to Nation explores the diplomacy, promises and betrayals involved in two hundred years of treaties and treaty making between the United States government and Native Nations, as one side sought to own the riches of North America and the other struggled to hold on to its homelands and way of life.

Thirty one essays and interviews from the country's foremost scholars of Native history and law document the significance of such events as the 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua, which restored to the Seneca Nation of New York land that had been taken in an earlier treaty; a ceremonial, ten thousand strong gathering of the Plains Nations in 1851 that produced the Horse Creek Treaty; and the twentieth century fight for treaty guaranteed fishing rights in the Pacific Northwest that led to a landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Accompanying a major exhibition at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, this richly illustrated book shows how ideas of honor, fair dealings, good faith, rule-of-law, and peaceful relations among nations have been tested and challenged in historical and modern times.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Suzan Shown Harjo
Contributions Vine DeLoria, Jr.
Publication Date 2014
Edition First Edition
Book Details Hard cover, 258 pages
ISBN 978-1-58834-478-6