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American Indian children's book - Children of the Tipi: Life in the Buffalo Days

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Children of the Tipi: Life in the Buffalo Days

In "Children of the Tipi", award winning editor, Michael Oren Fitzgerald, combines stunning photographs and simple quotations by Indian Chiefs and elders to explain to today's children what life would have been like for their contemporaries growing up on the American plains.

"As a child, I often fell asleep while my grandmother told me a story or sang a song. Thinking of these legends brings back the old days so vividly. People should imaging themselves in a tipi, with the firelight throwing light and shadow on the eager listening faces. The fire seemed to sympathize and keep pace with the story. We had only these legends and stories in place of your science and literature."
~Bright Eyes (Susette LeFlesche), Omaha

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Edited by: Michael Oren Fitzgerald
Publication Date 2013
Book Details Hard cover, 43 pages
ISBN 978-1-937786-09-0