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Children's Stories

Children's Stories

Storytelling is as old as mankind. We pass on our knowledge to younger generations to entertain and teach. In our modern times we continue this tradition with books.
  1. Gift Horse - A Lakota Story

    Gift Horse - A Lakota Story

    Flying Cloud's father gives him a Gift Horse to mark the beginning of his journey to manhood - will he prove he has the courage to become a true Warrior? Learn More
  2. The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

    The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

    "There was a girl in the village who loved horses.... She led the horses to drink at the river. She spoke softly and they followed. People noticed that she understood horses in a special way."

    Learn More
  3. The Great Race

    The Great Race

    Native American tale of creation retold by author Paul Goble. Learn More
  4. Greet The Dawn

    Greet The Dawn - The Lakota Way

    S.D. Nelson offers young readers a joyous way of appreciating their culture and surroundings. He draws inspiration from traditional stories to create GREET THE DAWN. Learn More
  5. In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse

    In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse

    Jimmy McClean is a Lakota boy, though you wouldn't guess it by his name. His mother is Lakota and his father is half white and half Lakota. Over summer break, Jimmy embarks on a journey with his grandfather, Nyles High Eagle. While on the road, his grandfather tells him the story of Crazy Horse, one of the most important figures in Lakota and American history. Learn More
  6. Native American books - Legends of the Mighty Sioux

    Legends of the Mighty Sioux

    Here is a compilation of forty-five legends of the famous Sioux Indians of South Dakota. All of the legends pertain to the Sioux' traditional lore, to tales told around the campfire, to legends associated with places or mountains and battle and hunting legends. Indian food, dances and songs are also included. Learn More
  7. The Lost Children

    The Lost Children

    A sacred tale of the Blackfoot, this book tells the tale of six orphaned brothers, neglected by their people and taunted and scorned by other children.
    Learn More
  8. Native American Love Story: Love Flute by Paul Goble

    Love Flute

    In love with a beautiful girl, but too shy to tell her, a young man is helped by the mysterious Elk Men. Learn More
  9. Man Who Dreamed Of Elk Dogs

    The Man Who Dreamed Of Elk-Dogs & Other Stories From The Tipi

    How did horses first appear to the peoples of the North American plains? Learn More
  10. Red Cloud's War: Brave Eagle Account of the Fetterman Fight (Dec. 21,1866)

    Red Cloud's War: Brave Eagle Account of the Fetterman Fight (Dec. 21,1866)

    With just 80 soldiers, Captain Fetterman had boasted that he could defeat the entire Lakota nation. He would get his chance to prove it against Red Cloud and Crazy Horse. Learn More

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