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Children's Stories

Children's Stories

Storytelling is as old as mankind. We pass on our knowledge to younger generations to entertain and teach. In our modern times we continue this tradition with books.
  1. Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West

    Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West

    This book is adapted for young readers and general readers. It cuts though non-Indian expansionist rhetoric to provide the reader with an American Indian perspective of the conquest of the trans-Mississippi West during the last four decades of the nineteenth century. Learn More
  2. Native American wolf story for kids

    The Woman Who Lived With Wolves

    The story of "The Woman Who Lived With Wolves" belongs to Lakota historical tradition, and is believed to be a true tale. Learn More
  3. Tasunka, A Lakota Horse Legend - book cover

    Tasunka - A Lakota Horse Legend

    The beasts were beautiful and like none he had seen before.

    Curiosity leads a young warrior to track a new animal. It leads him far from home, but at last he finds a herd of the strange creatures. Learn More
  4. Native American Childrens Story: Star Boy by Paul Goble

    Star Boy

    This retelling of an ancient Native tale relates the story of Star Boy, son of Morning Star and an earthly bride. It is considered a reverent, eye-catching rendition of an important Indian story.
    Learn More
  5. Native American Stories: Standing Bear of the Ponca

    Standing Bear of the Ponca

    Imagine having to argue in court that you are a person. Yet this is just what Standing Bear, of the Ponca Indian tribe, did in Omaha in 1879. Learn More
  6. Book about Lakota History & Culture, Saga of the Sioux

    Saga of the Sioux

    An adaptation from Dee Brown's "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee"

    Dwight Jon Zimmerman's selection and stories from Dee Brown's "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee", combined with new text, maps, and stunning photographs, create a dramatic edition for young readers that reveals the other side of the frontier saga - how the West was lost. Learn More
  7. Native American books - The Rough-Face Girl

    The Rough-Face Girl

    A scarred face does not prevent the Rough-Face girl from seeing the beauty of the earth, nor does it disguise her beautiful, kind heart. Learn More
  8. Native American children's stories - The Return of the Buffaloes

    Return of the Buffaloes

    For nomadic peoples who lived on the high Plains, the buffalo was a gift from the Great Spirit, and supplied almost everything they needed: meat, clothing, shelter, and fuel. This wonderful relationship had always existed, but occasionally the herds wandered to faraway places...and then there was terrible famine. Learn More
  9. Red Cloud's War: Brave Eagle Account of the Fetterman Fight (Dec. 21,1866)

    Red Cloud's War: Brave Eagle Account of the Fetterman Fight (Dec. 21,1866)

    With just 80 soldiers, Captain Fetterman had boasted that he could defeat the entire Lakota nation. He would get his chance to prove it against Red Cloud and Crazy Horse. Learn More
  10. Man Who Dreamed Of Elk Dogs

    The Man Who Dreamed Of Elk-Dogs & Other Stories From The Tipi

    How did horses first appear to the peoples of the North American plains? Learn More

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