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Honest, accurate books and movies are an important part of preserving and conveying American Indian culture, stories, and history.

Our collection of Native American literature aims to educate, inform, and accurately represent the past and contemporary American Indian spirituality and culture.

Discover books ranging from children's classics, cooking, reference, and instructional, to historical fiction, myths, and legends. Movies include "How to" videos, documentary films, children's movies, and powwow dance & music videos.

Given our location in the historic Black Hills of South Dakota, we also feature a selection of western and local interest books.
  1. 365 Days Of Walking The Red Road
  2. A Quillwork Companion

    A Quillwork Companion

    Not since William C. Orchard's 1917 classic has a book of this importance to the art of porcupine quill decoration been made available.

    Learn More
  3. Creating The Native American Star Quilt - Vol. 1: A Beginner's Workbook

    Creating The Native American Star Quilt - Vol. 1: A Beginner's Workbook

    This step by step instructional workbook helps to clear up the mysteries surrounding the making of a star quilt. Learn More
  4. 19th Century Plains Indian Dresses

    19th Century Plains Indian Dresses

    At last, a book devoted to women's dresses and accessories has emerged! Learn More
  5. The Yankton

    The Yankton

    Simon Antelope was born "when the grass appeared red along the valleys". He was 87 years old at the time this piece was published. He tells the story of his family and their thoughts on the many changes faced by the Yankton Sioux. Learn More
  6. Standing Rock Sioux

    Standing Rock Sioux

    There is a rock of incredible legend and history that stands before the Standing Rock Agency.

    Years ago a Dakota man took a second wife, thereby bruising the ego of his first. As camp was breaking up and the tribe was moving on, the first wife pouted and refused to move. She stayed behind with her baby. Learn More
  7. Spotted Tail's Folk - A History Of The Brule Sioux

    Spotted Tail's Folk - A History Of The Brule Sioux

    The story of Spotted Tail and his people is the story of the deadly game of resistance and subjugation. The government expected the Sioux to live on a reservation, to farm the land, raise cattle, send their children to school and adopt Christianity - all at once.

    Spotted Tail understood that the Brules` could not be turned into imitation whites overnight and he fought to protect his people from being rushed into the white man's ways by government agents and eastern "Friends of the Indians." Learn More
  8. The Sioux In South Dakota History

    The Sioux In South Dakota History

    These thirteen essays, taken from the pages of SOUTH DAKOTA HISTORY, the quarterly journal of the South Dakota State Historical Society, explore modern American Indian political and cultural life. Learn More
  9. Black Elk The Sacred Ways Of A Lakota

    Black Elk The Sacred Ways Of A Lakota

    This is the story of Wallace Black Elk, a Lakota Sioux medicine man, compiled by William S. Lyon from a series of interviews on audio tapes.

    "We now have a rare opportunity to penetrate even deeper into the core of Lakota shamanism, this time through the words of Wallace Black Elk, also a renowned Lakota shaman." ~William S. Lyon Learn More
  10. The Sacred Pipe

    The Sacred Pipe

    "This is my prayer that, through our sacred pipe and through this book in which I shall explain what our pipe really is, peace may come to those peoples who can understand, an understanding which must be of the heart and not of the head alone."
    ~Black Elk Learn More

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