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Honest, accurate books and movies are an important part of preserving and conveying American Indian culture, stories, and history.

Our collection of Native American literature aims to educate, inform, and accurately represent the past and contemporary American Indian spirituality and culture.

Discover books ranging from children's classics, cooking, reference, and instructional, to historical fiction, myths, and legends. Movies include "How to" videos, documentary films, children's movies, and powwow dance & music videos.

Given our location in the historic Black Hills of South Dakota, we also feature a selection of western and local interest books.
  1. Native American wolf story for kids

    The Woman Who Lived With Wolves

    The story of "The Woman Who Lived With Wolves" belongs to Lakota historical tradition, and is believed to be a true tale. Learn More
  2. The Enchanted Buffalo - A Prairie Tale

    The Enchanted Buffalo - A Prairie Tale

    Deep in the Great Plains of South Dakota, a tribe of mighty buffaloes finds themselves without a leader. A tricky bull named Barrag takes control of the group until the brave young Oknu challenges the new leader. But he does not know that Barrag has special powers. Barrag tricks Oknu with the help of magic, but a surprise is in store for the nasty Barrag. Learn More
  3. Black Elk's Vision, A Lakota Story

    Black Elk's Vision, A Lakota Story

    BLACK ELK'S VISION provides a unique perspective on American history. Black Elk, a Lakota Oglala medicine man, lived from 1863 until 1950. the cousin of Crazy Horse, Black Elk was involved in the battles of the Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee. He also traveled to New York and Europe as part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Most important, however, was the vision he had as a young boy, which shaped his life. Learn More
  4. Native American Childrens Story: Star Boy by Paul Goble

    Star Boy

    This retelling of an ancient Native tale relates the story of Star Boy, son of Morning Star and an earthly bride. It is considered a reverent, eye-catching rendition of an important Indian story.
    Learn More
  5. Native American children's stories - The Return of the Buffaloes

    Return of the Buffaloes

    For nomadic peoples who lived on the high Plains, the buffalo was a gift from the Great Spirit, and supplied almost everything they needed: meat, clothing, shelter, and fuel. This wonderful relationship had always existed, but occasionally the herds wandered to faraway places...and then there was terrible famine. Learn More
  6. Native American Love Story: Love Flute by Paul Goble

    Love Flute

    In love with a beautiful girl, but too shy to tell her, a young man is helped by the mysterious Elk Men. Learn More
  7. Native American childrens book: Death of Crazy Horse by Paul Goble

    Death of the Iron Horse

    Ages 4 - 8

    There have been many trains wrecked by Indian people in the pages of fiction, but it really happened only once. Learn More
  8. Gift Horse - A Lakota Story

    Gift Horse - A Lakota Story

    Flying Cloud's father gives him a Gift Horse to mark the beginning of his journey to manhood - will he prove he has the courage to become a true Warrior? Learn More
  9. The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

    The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

    "There was a girl in the village who loved horses.... She led the horses to drink at the river. She spoke softly and they followed. People noticed that she understood horses in a special way."

    Learn More
  10. The Great Race

    The Great Race

    Native American tale of creation retold by author Paul Goble. Learn More

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