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Other Artists

Other Artists

  1. Old Buffalo Quilled Cradle Bundle

    Old Buffalo Hide Quilled Cradle Bundle

    Non-Native American artist Chris Ravenshead designs this old style cradle bundle with dyed porcupine quills and glass beads. Chris uses brain tanned smoked buffalo hide for the main body of the bundle. Learn More
  2. Native American Quillwork on Old Buffalo Skull w. Hand Painted Warrior Design

    Native American Quillwork on Old Buffalo Skull w. Hand Painted Warrior Design

    Commercially dyed porcupine quills and acrylic paint decorate this Old Buffalo skull with hand a painted Warrior by John Zephier who is Yankton Sioux, a local Native American tribe. Learn More
  3. Quilled Doctor's Bag

    Quilled Doctor's Bag

    Non-Native American craft artist Chris Ravenshead completely covered the outside of this bag with dyed porcupine quills. Historically, some tribal members would decorate important pieces for non-tribal members to honor them and thank them for the work they did to heal the tribe. Learn More
  4. American Indian Beaded Cradleboard: "Many Buffalo" - Mini Moccasins

    Native American Indian Beaded Cradleboard: "Many Buffalo"

    Created by Native American Indian beadwork artist Brenda DuBray, these buffalo are depicted moving across the side of the cradle, along with their tracks and a large geometric pattern. Learn More
  5. Native American Beaded Lance w. Cover

    Native American Beaded Lance w.Cover

    Native American artist Rayme Little Wounded enjoys creating weapons, his lances range from long to short and are decorated in a more historic style. Learn More
  6. Dancing For The Return of The Good Days - Back Side View 2

    Dancing For The Return of The Good Days

    Lakota artist Marty Cuny of Pine Ridge, SD recreates a scene from the Ghost Dance with these highly detailed seven dancers. Learn More
  7. Crow Cradleboard with beaded flower design

    Miniature Cradleboard w. Crow Beadwork

    Created by artist Ramona Bear Claw in the traditional Crow style, this doll-sized cradleboard is a beautiful turquoise blue, accented with stylized flowers in hues of violet, pink, blue, and green. Learn More
  8. Buffalo Skull w. Hand Painted Black War Bonnet  Design - Front View

    Hand Painted Buffalo Skull w. Black War Bonnet Design

    The American Indians of the Northern Plains hand painted buffalo skulls to pay homage to their tribal beliefs. This War Bonnet design is found all across "Indian Country" and was commonly used for a man's robe.

    Learn More
  9. Native Style Tomahawk w. Cut Out

    Tomahawk w. Leather Covering

    This leather-covered artifact reproduction was typical of the weapons used by Native hunters and warriors. Learn More
  10. Dog Soldier Headdress w. Quilled Band

    Dog Soldier Headdress w. Quilled Band

    Non-Native American crafts person O.J. Laier III creates this historical piece with a large wild turkey tail fan for the back of the headdress and a rich red quilled headband. Dog Soldiers are the defenders of the tribe and the wearer of this headdress would fight to the death for his people. Learn More

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