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Little People Walking Cane - Front View

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Native American Art -"Little People" Walking Cane

The cane features an intricately carved little person with his arms resting at his side. It is said these enigmatic little people are sacred - they are very fast and can sometimes be frightening or very helpful.

The figure is painted a rich red with deep brown details and is decorated with beaded bands around his neck and top of his head. He wears a red trade cloth breech cloth and a bustle of painted and cut feathers.

The Little Person stands on a spiraling whirlwind and holds a bear claw on his head. The dramatic carved whirlwind design is painted in a beautiful dark green and the end of the cane is protected with a rubber tip. The bear claw emerges from the top of the Little Person's head; it is painted a golden hue with brown claws and decorated with brass tacks.

The war club is carved from a single piece of wood and painted with acrylic paints.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Artist James Little Wounded
Art-Style Native American Art
Tribal Association Minneconjou | Lakota
Dimensions Length 36 | Width 3 | Depth 1 1/2 inches
Dimensions (metric) Length 91.5 | Width 7.6 | Depth 3.8 cm
Product ID dejlw565