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May 2015 Newsletter: Sage Harvesting

On May 5, 2015 we made all of our South Dakota sage a zero quantity because we are out. We knew last year that we did not buy as much as the year before but the growing season for 2014 was very short and then intense heat caused the sage to seed out way sooner than anyone expected.


So, we are waiting for this years crop to grow and mature so that our local wild crafters can harvest again. We put together a couple of video's on what we expect from folks who harvest sage. Michael and Robert cover length, dryness, and even what not to do so that there will be more sage next year.

Part 1: Advice on Sage Harvesting


Part 2: More advice from Michael and Robert


Tribe Scribe hand out for sage gathering requirements.


We also have a hand out for wild crafters and there are some really clear cut pieces of advice for sage harvesting;


1. It must be harvest be cutting and not pulled out by the roots. If you pull the plants out with roots, there won't be any sage there next year.


2. When harvesting please choose the most leafy patches that are nicely filled out.


3. It must all be laying the same direction - that is, all the stems together and all the tops together.


4. It must be totally dry.


5. It needs to be free of weeds and any other materials (no rocks).


6. It must be the correct plant.


7. Buying times are from 2-4 (pm) Monday through Friday, no exceptions.