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March 2016 Newsletter: What is there to do?

Some folks think of South Dakota as a place so far away and so remote that there can't be much to do! Well, not true, this is the area that generated so many historical events. These events helped to shape the country we are today and there were many mistakes made, never doubt that. But for all of our faults and missteps there are still many great things for our future. Native American art is one of many great things about South Dakota. There are so many talented people all across Indian Country and we are proud to say that we are partnered with some of the best artists and crafts people around.

Native American Gallery:

Mike McLeod brings history to life with this painted buffalo robe. He has done his research, listened to the stories from elders and keeps his creations true to the nature of native art, story telling. With a paint brush and a design in mind, Mike has re-created a snippet of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Mike has also provided a story so you can understand his point of view for this piece of art.

"This painted buffalo robe depicts the Custer fight on June 25, 1876, on the bluffs near the Little Big Horn river." ~Mike McLeod

Prairie Edge Trading:

We also carry historical pieces like Star Quilts. The story of the Star Quilt has been debated all across Indian Country. There are stories of settler's who taught some of the indigenous women how to sew cloth together to make blankets, a necessity once the buffalo and other wild game was gone. So these ladies had an exchange of culture and the indigenous women used the morning star. Some folks say that the points of the star represent tribes, or sub-tribes or even the sun, whatever story your grandmother, mother, aunty, or cousin teaches you they are still a symbol of time and history.

Books & Music:

There are many books written by Native and Non-Native American authors, enough to last for many years and there are always new publications coming out with revelations that bust old myths about what happened in the past. Each book that is read with the understanding of the time period it was written and who the author was, will help to form a vision of life in the past and where our future might lie. If you ever need any recommendations please feel free to speak with the bookstore staff. 

Music is the gift that keeps on giving and we offer the latest selections of contemporary, Pow Wow, flute and ceremonial music. This is another area that the staff can assist with.  There's so much to choose from that sometimes you just need a little input to help with your decisions. 

Fine Art:

Prairie Edge is proud to represent local and regional artists. The images in our Fine Art gallery range from landscapes to portraits to 3 dimensional artwork. This piece is created with contemporary materials and is housed in an acrylic box but it depicts an important event for the Plains Indians, a buffalo hunt. Hunting buffalo in the style of the Plains Indians was an endeavor of the mind a body. Each member of the hunting party had a role to play and timing was important as the hunt was fast paced and dangerous. 

This paper sculpture by Allen and Patty Eckman depicts a type of hunting called a jump, it is when you try to drive your prey over a cliff and then harvest the animals below, part of the danger is if the herd turns on you and comes charging right back in your direction, if you don't get out of the way you will get trampled. Even at the bottom of the cliff there are perilous dangers if the animal does not die, a wounded animal can be very dangerous.

Sioux Trading Post:

Well, we aren't able to make Denver March Pow Wow this year and we are wishing everyone safe travels and have an awesome Pow Wow. We are still here for all of your needs with a stock of glass beads, leather, needles and thread, rhinestone banding, wool trade cloth, patterns and more so give us a call 800-456-3394 or visit us at www.siouxtrading.com.

Happy Easter everyone! If you have to travel please be safe. Thank you for all you do and we'll talk soon!